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Research field Economics

The market for drones and other unmanned systems is one of the fastest growing economic sectors . By now it is not even possible to foresee the possibilities and new business models that can be developed by the new technology. 

The main research focus of the research field “economy“ is therefore the question: Which economic advantages are the result of the use of unmanned systems compared to conventional technologies? From this central question, a number of additional follow-up questions arise. How does the technology affect the economy as a whole? How does the working world change? Which jobs can be created new, which jobs are threatened to get lost? Are the opportunities resulting from the use of unmanned technologies also associated with risks? Do some jobs become safer? What are the costs for entrepreneurs willing to integrate the technology? What impact does the technology have on the environment? 

One goal of the research field is to develop causal connections: How can necessary regulatory processes allow the greatest possible scope for development? A question which creates synergies with the field of research „law“.  

Prof. Dr. Andreas Del Re is responsible for coordinating the research field.