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Research field Law

The implementation of new technologies automatically results in legal research desiderata. 

With a growing share of the market, the number of drones increases, increasing the risk of accidents. How can legal risks be minimized? Another legal issue is the liability for unmanned systems. To what extent are users, manufacturers or owners responsible for the use of unmanned systems? 

Many things which had not yet played a role in legal discussions and did not require any legal regulation are now highly relevant for legislation. In addition to questions of liability, the protection of individual privacy and data are also relevant. 

The main focus of the field of “law” is to find legal regulations that minimize risks and protect the uninvolved third parties, but do not limit the enormous potential for innovation of this new technology. An ideal balance between the different interests is to be found. 

Research on the subject of law at the IUS uses the cooperation with related research fields as economy and social sciences.

The research coordinator is Prof. Dr. Axel Bösch.